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Profile for Edward Upcott


Edward Upcott

Nationality: British
Height: 160cm
Weight: 48kg


NETBET - Swimmer - April 2014
Vodaphone Photographic - June 2011

Sporting Career:
Edward represented the Great Britain Acrobatic Gymnastics team for 10 years, representing
the country at European and World events. Throughout his career he has won many
National and International medals including British Championships 7 times, and World
Champion in 2010. He retired from competitive sport in April 2012 to focus on an
entertainment career.

I’m a former member of the acrobatic group Spelbound, that took part and won the
TV show Britain’s Got Talent. With the group I have appeared on many TV shows
and performed at a number of different live events including The Help for Heros
concert, The Royal Variety performance and Money Supermarket's TV indents.
I also had the pleasure of being part of the London 2012 games, performing in the
Olympic and Paralympic closing ceremonies.

In 2010 I worked on Martin Scorsese’s film Hugo as the main stunt double for the
lead character, Hugo Cabret.
I have now retired from competitive sport and work freelance. I occasionally perform
as an acrobatic duo in private bars and clubs in London, as well as different
corporate events. With my experience of previous film and TV work, I have a strong
passion for this industry. I'm extremely keen to find work opportunities on films,
television and commercials. I'm also currently training to join the British stunt register.
Having spent many years as an acrobat I am physically very capable. I am self
disciplined and I am used to working physically hard.



  • Gymnastics · 
  • Acrobatic Balancing · 
  • Acrobatics · 
  • Hand Balancing · 
  • Swimming · 
  • Driver · 
  • Own car · 
  • Modelling · 
  • Six Pack



Skills and Activities

Circus Skills

  • Hand Balancing


  • Own car


  • Acrobatic Balancing


  • Six Pack


  • Gymnastics · 
  • Acrobatics · 
  • Swimming · 
  • Driver · 
  • Modelling